Easy Build Your Own Cheese Board
One of the easiest PLATTERS that you can throw together in just 10 minutes is a cheese board. It is perfect as a starter before dinner, snacks for friends coming over or something to eat after a meeting, CATERING made easy!
The basic principle of making a cheese board is just piling the ingredients onto a nice board. It really is as simple as that. So the basic ingredients are some different cheeses, some dips, crackers, fruits, breads, and if you want some preserved meats. There is a basic way that you can arrange a cheese board, step one of course is your cheeses. The cheeses to use, a mix of cheese textures(soft like brie, hard like parmesan, and crumbly like bleu cheese), a mix of strengths, and a variety of colors and shapes. Next are some salty items such as meats, nuts, and olives. You can put these in some small bowls or even just on the board. Then comes the sweet stuff, you don’t need a ton of these, just something to change up the flavor of the board. This can be some honey, preserves, fresh and dried fruits. Lastly add some crackers, breadsticks, and flavorful breads if you like.
You can fill the empty spaces with anything that you have left like some more fruits, nuts, condiments, or crackers. Remember to garnish with some edible flowers, mint, and fresh herbs. You’re done! It’s super easy and looks fantastic to guests.

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Easy, fast and effortless entertaining!

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