We recently had the privilege to be part of a new Car Reveal at Landrover/Jaguar Bedforview.

The brief was an elegant cocktail brunch; Minimal, Refined, Local with a Twist.

We had the following on the Menu for the occasion:

Mini Breakfast burgers on turmeric buns; beef patty, rocket, caramelised onion, bacon bits and smokey mayo

Little Bobotie soft shell tacos with sour cream and salsa

Layered Strawberry yoghurt panacotta and muesli jars sprinkled with shaved coconut and honey

Toasted Rye bread squares, cucumber, orange cream cheese, smoked salmon

Apricot Danish pastry rounds

“Autumn wrap pinwheels”; butter chicken curry, double cream yoghurt and fresh coriander

Brunch Cocktail Menu @therealfoodco.rsa

Brunch Cocktail Menu @therealfoodco.rsa

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