Canapés & Platters

Here are a few menu samples of what we do at The Real Food Co Catering, please do enquire for our full range of menu options and choices

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Canapé Menu Sample 1

Goats cheese and fig tartlets with fresh rocket sprigs (V)
Cheddar waffles with mustard cream cheese and crispy bacon bits garnished with baby herbs
Tortilla cups with avocado and tomato salsa, topped with spicy prawn and coriander
Vietnamese rice paper rolls with avocado, julienne carrot and smoked chicken, with a sesame soy dip
Bruschetta with rare roast beef, chimichurri sauce and a roasted baby tomato
Little Greek meatballs skewered with balsamic roasted baby tomato and basil, served with a spicy tomato relish or refreshing tzatziki
Double decker Bacon, mature cheddar and basil toasted sandwich squares, topped with fresh herbs and skewered with a crystal stick
Sundried tomato infused polenta squares topped with a beef sirloin cube, gorgonzola and rocket

Dessert Canapés at Extra cost per person:
Little caramelized pineapple tart tatin with vanilla mascarpone
Rustic Seasonal fruit pavlovas with lemon cream and strawberry coulis

Canapé Menu Sample 2

Wild mushroom bruschetta with herb cream cheese, topped with feta and fresh rocket (V)
Warm roasted corn and cauliflower soup with a hint of curry, garnished with crispy parma ham
Bowls/bamboo cups with golden fried prawn scampi with herb and lemon aioli
Home made mini pita with smoked salmon, fennel cream cheese and a tomato and onion salsa
Little beef burgers with cheddar and biltong cream cheese
Mini Yorkshire puddings with whole grain mustard, rocket, roast beef and slightly spicy tomato chutney
Small mezze bowls with marinated artichoke & mushrooms, grilled courgette ribbon, brie slice and parma ham
Moroccan spicy peanut sprinkled chicken on bamboo skewers

Dessert Canapés at Extra cost per person:
Cinnamon swirl biscuits topped with honeyed cream cheese and chopped nuts
Assorted coloured Macaroons

Corporate Platter Menu Sample 

Herb pancake rolls with smoked salmon and dill cream cheese and cucumber
Little chicken burgers with tomato and minted tzatziki yogurt sauce
Small corn muffins topped with biltong pate and caramelised onions, and a crispy biltong “chip”
Greek meatballs served with a spicy tomato relish or refreshing tzatziki
Double decker Bacon, mature cheddar and basil toasted sandwich squares
Assorted mini wraps with, for example, smoked/grilled chicken, peppadew mayonnaise, fresh herbs and cucumber spaghetti, roast beef, rocket mustard and tomato etc.
Little Chicken pies and beef pies
Moroccan spicy peanut covered chicken kebabs
Seasonal fresh fruit Skewers
Little lemon meringue tartlets

Cheese & Wine Evening Menu Sample 

Assorted local and imported cheeses, including Grande brie, Gorgonzola, Emmentaler, Camembert, mature
Cheddar, Chevrè and flavoured cream cheese logs.
A selection of preserves and candied fruits, and roasted nuts
Water biscuits, Home made focaccia bread and grissini sticks with hummus and pesto’s
Marinated olives and pickles
Seasonal fresh whole fruits, frozen grapes and fruit skewers

Set Platter Menu Options

We offer delicious, fresh and “something different” platters for any occasion. Feel free to Enquire now for our “build your own” platter menu items.

Each platter caters for approx 8 – 10 Guests

• Just sandwiches platter @ R500 per platter
Toasted and Fresh White and brown sandwich triangles with a variety of fillings

• Anytime mixed Platter 1 @ R600 per platter
Mini pizza squares, Greek meatballs, grilled chicken kebabs, cocktail sausages, cheese and tomato sandwich triangles, tzatziki dip

• Anytime mixed Platter 2 @ R600 per platter
Ham and mushroom tartlets, beef samoosas, crumbed chicken strips, cocktail sausages, Asian chicken wraps

• Breakfast platter @ R600 per platter
Ham, cheese and tomato toasted sandwich triangles, assorted mini muffins with grated cheese, butter and jam, cocktail croissants with chicken mayonnaise, fresh seasonal fruit kebabs

• Breakfast platter 2 @ R600 per platter
Assorted fresh muffins with grated cheese, butter and jam, fresh seasonal fruit kebabs, Variety of mini Danish pastries

• Variety Breakfast platter @ R600 per platter
8 X Filled cocktail croissants, little beef sausages wrapped in bacon, toasted cheese and ham sandwiches, 8 X chocolate muffins with accompaniments, garnished with seasonal fruits

• Cocktail Croissant platter @ R600 per platter
20 x Cocktail croissant with assorted fillings, cheese and tomato, ham rocket and cheese, chicken mayo, smoked beef tomato mustard etc.

• Cocktail Croissant & Sandwich platter @ R600 per platter
Cocktail croissants and fresh and toasted sandwiches with assorted fillings, chicken mayo, cheese and tomato, ham rocket and cheese, cucumber and cream cheese etc

• Cheese and Biscuit platter @ R600 per platter
6 Local cheeses, assorted biscuits and crackers, preserves, fresh fruits and nuts

• Gourmet Cheese and Cold meat platter @ R660 per platter
5 Local cheeses, assorted biscuits and focaccia bread, preserves, cold meats, marinated olives, fresh fruits and nuts

• Mini Burger platter @ R600 per platter
30 X Little gourmet beef and chicken burgers with assorted toppings and garnishes

• Just Wrap Platter @ R620 per platter
Tasty fresh beef, chicken and vegetarian wraps accompanied by sweet chili sauce

• Wrap & Burger Platter @ R620 per platter
Tasty fresh beef and chicken wraps and mini beef burgers with tomato, cheese, lettuce and herb mayo, accompanied by sweet chili sauce

• Chefs Favourites Platter @ R620 per platter
8 x Beef or chicken wraps, 6 x little cheeseburgers, 8 x mini vetkoek with mince, 8 x grilled chicken kebabs,toasted cheese and ham sandwich triangles. Accompanied by 1 x dip

• Open sandwich/Bruschetta Platter @ R520 per platter
Open sandwiches/Bruschetta with assorted toppings e.g. biltong pate and caramelised onion, coronation chicken, cream cheese, salami and tomato etc

• Crudité and fruit platter @ R520 per platter
Fresh seasonal vegetables and veggie sticks e.g. cucumber, carrot, baby tomatoes, mushrooms, baby corn and broccoli served with hummus and tzatziki. Fresh seasonal fruit kebabs.

• Vegetarian Platter @ R600 per platter
Fresh seasonal veggie sticks and olives with tzatziki dip, 10 x tomato, basil and mozzarella tartlets, 10 x Half Grilled veggie wraps, 10 x Brie and fig samosas, 12 x fruit kebabs

• Healthy Executive Platter (Low Carb) @ R640 per platter
Grilled chicken kebabs, Roast beef Caramelised onion brie and rocket on rye, Smoked chicken and avo(seasonal) cucumber rolls, grilled beef and vegetable whole wheat wraps, tzatziki dip, Seasonal fruit kebabs.

• Italian Anti Pasto Platter @ R680 per platter
Caprese puff pastry tartlets, marinated olives and artichokes, Sundried tomato grilled chicken kebabs, assorted cold meats with mustard, Breads and grissini sticks with hummus

• Greek Platter @ R600 per platter
10 x Chicken salad stuffed pitas, 10 x Greek meatball and tomato kebabs with tzatziki, marinated olives, 10 x feta and spinach pies, 10 x Cumin spiced beef kebabs, 10 x Greek salad kebabs with brie

• Sushi Platter @ R720 per platter
60 pieces of assorted sushi rolls: Nigiri, Maki, Rainbow rolls etc served with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger

• South African Snack Platter @ R600 per platter
Biltong and droe wors, toasted nuts, pretzels, Chicken kebabs, meatballs, pita breads and two dips

• American Platter @ R600 per platter
Little pulled pork buns, Cocktail cheeseburgers & mini corn dogs accompanied by ketchup and mustard

• Meaty treat Platter @ R620 per platter
10 X Sweet chili chicken wings, 10 X Greek meatball & tomato kebabs, 10 x Beef kebabs, Cocktail sausages and 10 X chicken kebabs with tzatziki and mustard dips

• Just Chicken Platter @ R600 per platter
10 X Sweet chili chicken drumsticks, 12 X Chicken Samoosas, 12 x chicken kebabs, 12 BBQ chicken wings & 12 x Chicken nuggets OR strips with a sweet chili yoghurt sauce

• Pizza Platter @ R520 per platter
Because everything is better with pizza. Home-made pizza squares with assorted toppings

• Breads and dip Platter @ R500 per platter
Focaccia breads, cocktail rolls and pitas accompanied by Biltong pate, Snoek pate, hummus, tzatziki and chicken liver pate.

• Kiddies Platter @ R550 per platter
Mini Hawaiian pizza, little beef and cheese burgers, baked chicken nuggets or strips, Cocktail sausages and tomato & mayo dip

• Lunch Salad Platter @ R550 per platter (Please choose 3 X salads below)
Greek salad ~ Baby Potato salad ~ Watermelon, calamata olive and feta salad ~ Fragrant Thai seared beef salad tossed with egg noodles ~ Caprese salad with fresh basil, bocconcini mozzarella and tomatoes ~ Roasted beetroot, goats cheese and Orange salad ~ Three bean salad with citrus vinaigrette ~ Couscous and grilled veggie salad with lemon and mint ~ Smoked chicken and Chinese noodle salad with peppadew mayo dressing ~ Grilled Mediterranean vegetable salad with basil and smoked mozzarella ~ Curry noodle salad with smoked chicken and peppers ~ Broccoli and bacon salad with cheese ~ Carrot salad with pineapple pieces and sesame seeds ~ Rice salad with peppers, raisins and peas in a mayonnaise dressing

• Dessert dip platter @ R580 per platter
Seasonal fruit kebabs, shortbread, meringues, choc chip cookies and marshmallows accompanied by salted caramel and chocolate sauce dips

• Chefs Choice Dessert Platter @ R580 per platter
Assortment of mini sweets and treats e.g. chocolate brownies, fruit kebabs, mini lemon meringue, Swiss roll slices, koeksisters and meringues, mini cupcakes etc